Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Designs

Lavender flower with glitter and dark purple swarovski crystals.
White flower with light blue swarovski crystals in the center. I LOVE this one! Please note I can make this flower with pink, purple, green, turqoise, yellow, red, dark red, iridescent swarovski crystals if you prefer. Leave me a comment with your email address for special requests.

Small coral flower with coral swarovski crystals. (sold out in this size, but I have one more that is the perfect size for a small baby).

White flower with green and white polka dot ribbon and green iridescent crystals. (I can use any color crystals in the center and can also make it without the ribbon.)

Large eggplant purple and beige flower with purple swarovski crystals in the center. This is one of my favorites! Especially for fall and winter. It's a great flower for all ages.

Tangerine flower with green iridescent swarovski crystals in the center.

Large lavender flower with iridescent swarovski crystals in the center. Please note that I have several colors of swarovski crystals and will do special orders upon request. I still have more to come! I just haven't made everything yet.

Light blue gerber daisy with iridescent swarovski crystals.

Pink and yellow gerber daisy with yellow swarovski crystals. (I've also made it with pink crystals for more of a girly look).

White gerber daisy with turqoise and light blue crystals in the center.