Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Halloween Themed Birthday Party

 I have been the worst blogger these days! I meant to share this birthday party last year, but I'll go ahead and share it now! My son and daughter both have birthdays within a week of Halloween so I thought it would be fun to throw them a combined Halloween themed birthday party. Tea Party Designs designed all of the darling printables and invites.
 This is the party table. We served pizza for lunch, but had a big dessert table. I made popcorn witch hands for party favors that each of the kids could go home with.
 I made 2 different types of cupcakes-Mummy cupcakes and regular cupcakes with cute cupcake toppers with my kids' names and other Halloween designs.
 I love the banner Tea Party Designs came up with with. The bats had google eyes!
 I loved these little graveyard brownies! Such a fun touch and so easy to make!
 Target had these gummy vampire teeth! The kids went nuts over these!
 What kid doesn't like pudding cups? Especially with cute ghosts popping out of them.
 Along with the cupcakes, I made a little graveyard cake for the birthday girl to blow out. Again, such an easy dessert to make yet oh so cute!
 The kids loved going home with their popcorn witch hands.

 This witches brew punch was a total hit! Not only did it look amazing, but it tasted amazing too! I found the eyeball pingpong balls at the Dollar Store.

 I had different activities for the kids to engage in. This table was for decorating masks.
 Once they were done with their masks, they could play mummy bowling. I found this cute bowling set at Target.
 My older daughter really wanted to help with the party, so she read the kids a Halloween book. They loved it!
 After story time we got a picture of the kids wearing their masks.
 The birthday boy chowing down on his birthday cupcake!
 The cutest little lion I've ever seen!
 The birthday girl wanted to be a clown and was the happiest little clown there ever was! It's a good thing I figured out how to do clown makeup for trick or treating AFTER her party LOL! She didn't mind as you can see!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Freshly Picked Review

As most of my readers know, I'm huge into kid fashion! Having 2 little girls, it was always so easy for me to style different outfits and looks for them to wear. When I found out I was having a boy, I knew I wanted him to be just as fashionable, but also knew I'd have to dig a little deeper! I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed dressing this little man cub of mine! 
 Its funny because when I started making chunky necklaces for toddlers and little girls, I could tell that my girls FELT pretty as soon as I put a necklace on them. My husband thought I was crazy until he saw it for himself! I have to say that my little man cub LOVES Freshly Picked mocassins as much as my girls loved their necklaces! These are THE ONLY shoes he will keep on his feet! I'm not even lying when I say the highlight of his day is to pick out which moccs to wear! My husband thinks its hilarious!
 Freshly Picked moccs are not only stylish and go with everything, but they are COMFORTABLE on baby's feet and easy for new walkers. They don't slide off Drezden's feet like other baby shoes I've put on him. Usually he just pulls his shoes off, but not his moccs! I decided to get him a few different colors for Christmas, and he was in heaven!

Whenever we go out we get comments and compliments on his Freshly Picked moccs. It doesn't matter if we're at the grocery store, picking up the girls from school, or at a doctor's appointment, PEOPLE NOTICE THEM! I swear I should just carry business cards around with me!
 I especially love their NEW Utah Collection. Beehive State is a great neutral color that will match just about any outfit. The leather is so buttery and soft! Another great thing about these cute little moccs is that they are unisex! They also come in tiny newborn sizes which is just too cute!
I love that they have branded the bottom of their moccs with their logo! I can't say enough good things about these little shoes!
I mean, just LOOK at this happy face! Drezden is one happy customer! If you haven't checked out Freshly Picked yet, head on over to their website and follow them on FB and instagram as well! They periodically have sales and giveaways too!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Family Movie Night!

We are expecting another snow storm and my husband works tomorrow so instead of having a romantic Valentine's Day with my husband, I decided to have a Valentine's themed family movie night instead. Every Friday we have family movie night, but this weekend we're doing things a little more fancy!
 I found these cute child size bottles of Coca Cola at Target and couldn't resist! I also found these cute boxes at Target, and filled them with popcorn for the movie.
 My husband's favorite treat during a movie is Red Vines, so I made sure to get plenty and made bunches that I tied together with red and white twine. So simple yet so cute!

I made cupcake toppers with glitter hearts from The Dollar store and made strawberry cupcakes. I surprised the kids after school and they are all so excited for movie night to begin. Mr. MiaMoo will be picking up a pizza on his way home from work! Happy Valentine's weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love Valentine's Day!

 I LOVE Valentine's Day! I have been crafting up Valentine garlands and have my house decked out in hearts! Last week we had a blizzard which made for the PERFECT white background for my girls' Valentine's pictures. I LOVE how they turned out!