Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pop Garden Sundress with Pocket

OK, so I'm addicted to making these sundresses for Miss Mia. Living here in Puerto Rico is so hot, and dresses are the only thing she wants to wear. Again, I basically followed the tutorial on lilblueboo's blog, but changed a few things-straps, added a pocket, and some of the measurements. I used Heather Bailey's Pop Garden fabric-LOVE it! I love just about everything by Heather Bailey. Don't you? Another great thing about this fabric is that it has green in it? Remember in my last post I said I wanted to make things that are green until March 17th? Mission accomplished! I'm usually not a huge fan of ankle length dresses, but made this one that length so it will fit her the whole year. She'll be 4 this summer and my goal is to make her size 4T wardrobe. She's still fitting in a 3T, so most of the stuff I'm making her now is a little big so she'll grow into it :) I was debating whether or not I should add the large front pocket, but really felt like it needed something, and think the pocket gives it just the right touch. Plus, I don't want all her sundresses looking identical. I made her sunflower hair clip awhile back and think it goes perfectly with this dress! I have some new ideas for green things, so check back soon :)
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Treasure's for Tots Jelly Roll Skirt

Can I tell you how in LOVE I am with this darling skirt from T4T? Angie gives a really great tutorial here, or you can buy one from her etsy shop! She also sells really cute clippies to match all of your daughter's outfits :)
Angie is one talented Mama! If you haven't already, you should visit her blog, it's full of goodies! She has regular giveaways too :) And lets not forget about her darling daughter Serenity! I love seeing new pictures of her modeling all of Angie's creations-and she has TONS of creations! I check Angie's blog daily and so should you!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Feeling Green

I don't know why, but I've always loved St. Patrick's Day. When I was little, my mom would put green food coloring in our milk on St. Patrick's Day and remember loving it. I want to get in the spirit by making things green until March 17th. This is the second play dress I've made Mia using St. Patrick's Day shirts from Old Navy. I made this one a little big so it will fit her next year. It's so comfortable for her-I wish I could get away with wearing one!
This morning Mia said she wanting to play hop scotch, so we went up on our terrace and played around with her sidewalk chalk. Once we got up there she was more interested in drawing rather than playing hop scotch. It was fun to watch my little artist at work.
I'm telling you, this is the EASIEST dress to make and it's the perfect dress to throw on for outings to the park or any time you just want your little one to be comfortable. My favorite part about it is that I can make them in less than a half hour-Ahhhh instant gratification :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Large Green Rose with Swarovski Crystals

I took these this morning and thought I'd share. Haydey Baby is growing so fast and I don't want to miss a minute. I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone and have her model this flower clip since I wanted to take portraits anyway.

I love the way Mia looks in this last one!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dubble Bubble Dress

OK, how sassy is Miss Mia in this picture? I made this dress today out of a Dubble Bubble t-shirt from Walmart and a few others from Old Navy that were on clearance. Because I used a size 4/5T shirt, I wasn't able to use my Sienna Dress pattern , so I kind of just winged it! It's more slender than the Sienna Dress, and I cut the neckline off and trimmed the sleeves to give them a raw edge as well. I didn't try the double bubble shirt on her before buying it, or making the dress, so I didn't realize it was such a slender fit. It obviously runs smaller than her other shirts, but I still like the way it came out, and she LOVES it! I still plan on using my Sienna pattern, but I've got to wait and use it when I use grown up t-shirts I guess. I'll continue to post them as I make them. It's fun to have them all turn out different :)

Remember This?

I made this flower clip for Miss Serenity to go with the cute jelly roll skirt her mommy made. Angie from Treasures for Tots just emailed me this picture. I think it looks DARLING on her! She makes a great little model :) Thanks Angie for sharing! If you're interested in placing an order for a flower clip like this one please leave me a comment with your contact info.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jelly Roll Sundress

Angie from Treasures for Tots posted a tutorial on how to make a jelly roll skirt not too long ago. I had never heard of a jelly roll, so if you haven't either, it's a roll of fabric strips in several different patterns that you can sew together. Angie's skirts are SO-O cute, so I thought I would take her idea of using a jelly roll, but make a sundress instead. Mia actually has two jelly roll skirts made by Angie from T4T that I just love. I still need to take some pictures of Mia wearing them so you will see just how cute they are and order one for your little girl from her etsy shop. This dress was so easy to make, but super time consuming since I made STUPID mistakes, LOL. I thought it would look better underneath if I had smaller seams since I don't have a serger, not thinking about how easy it would be for the seams to come undone, so after taking this picture several seams came undone. I decided to go back and redo all the seams to make them thicker so they would be more sturdy. It still looks adorable, but I lost a lot of the length, so now I have to add a few more strips of fabric to make it longer. The next one I make will be much quicker to make because I won't make the same mistakes, but this dress has been a thorn in my side all day, hahaa! It's worth it though because Mia looks ADORABLE in it :) I guess my advice if you don't have a serger is to find a jelly roll that has pinked edges. I thought they all came pinked, but this particular one I ordered off etsy didn't so it frayed really easily. I REALLY want a serger! How many of you have sergers? Any advice on which kind to get? I'm trying to do my research. I would love some feedback :)
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Friday, February 19, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Outfit

This dress was SOOO easy! I didn't use a pattern-All I did was use Mia's St. Patrick's Day shirt from last year, cut the bottom of one of my old T-shirts off and sewed it to the bottom of her shirt. After, I painted a four leaf clover on the lower left corner of the dress with a green fabric paint marker I got at Walmart. Lastly, I got silver glitter puffy paint and used a paint brush to paint over the green clover to tie it all in! This idea was inspired by CC's dresses and the Sienna Dress I made a few days ago, but is a much simpler version. I just bought some more T-shirts to transform into dresses at Old Navy, so check back soon! I also made a matching flower clip :)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pink Felt Flower Headband/Clip with Swarovski Crystals

I just made this cute little number this morning. Miss Hayden was a good sport and allowed me to do a little photoshoot with her to show it off. I think she did a great job, wouldn't you say?
What I love abouth this clip is that I can put it on a headband and it is perfect for my 3 month old, Miss Hayden, but I can take it off the headband and clip it in Mia's hair too! 2 for 1 :) Mia wasn't quite as cooperative this morning, so I'll have to get some pictures of her wearing it another time.
If you can't tell by the pictures, I cut out a small circle of green felt for the center and embroidered the edges, then glued pink swarovski crystals in the center. I love the contrast! This clip and/or headband will be really cute for spring and Easter, so if you're interested in ordering just leave me a comment with your contact info. If not, leave me your feedback anyway, I love to hear from you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Play Dress

A few months ago I purchased the Sienna Dress Pattern from lilblueboo and finally got around to making it. I decided to practice with my OLD t-shirts so I wouldn't ruin new cute ones if I made a mistake. I ended up using 3 different ones-The top of the dress is a Paul Frank shirt I bought and wore out forever ago, the brown skirt is an old Quicksilver shirt, and the blue one was my friend's little boy's school shirt. They coordinated pretty well I think. I thought this dress was going to be a lot harder to make than it was. When I first took a look at the pattern I was totally intimidated because I'm not very experienced when it comes to following a pattern. I still changed things a bit and did things the way they made sense to me, but stuck to the pattern as much as possible. I decided not to add the neckline because once I was trying it on her without it, I thought it looked cute, almost 80'sish the way the knit neckline rolled up. Also the hole was a little too tight for her head, LOL! I guess if we're being honest,hahaa! I was going to fix it, but like I said, I ended up liking it without the neckline. This is definitely a play dress since the t-shirts I used aren't new, but I'm excited to tackle this dress again using new shirts :) Hopefully there will be more to come in the near future...


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red Tutu with Matching Heart Leg Warmers

Yesterday I took my girlies to the mall and found Valentine socks on sale for $2 at Old Navy. I've been wanting to make Hayden some baby leg warmers for awhile and figured I should make her a pair for Valentine's Day. It was a last minute thought, but was able to whip them up in about 10 minutes! I couldn't believe how quick and easy they were to make. At around 11pm last night I had another thought that maybe I should make her a tutu to go with them so she'd look like a sweet little Valentine at church this morning. I'm really happy with the way they both turned out, especially since it was a VERY last minute project!
I hope you're all spending the day with those you love. I made a basket full of fun little things for my hubby, and will make a nice little dinner for us to eat together out on our balcony once I put the girls to bed. What are you all doing?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Felt Heart Sugar Cookies

As you may recall, I made Mia a bunch of felt food for Christmas. These cute heart cookies were part of that batch, but I thought it was fitting to share them on Valentine's weekend. I've been making hair accessories this past week, but haven't had a chance to take pictures. Will post those later! For now, enjoy the Valentine cookies :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Had to Post This

These two little girls make me so happy. I took this picture yesterday and thought it was sweet. Hayden just turned 3 months so I took her 3 month portraits and Mia decided to jump in a few. I'm not sure how many of you know I'm a photographer, but if you're interested in seeing some of my work you can visit by clicking here.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Heart Necklace

I made Mia this heart necklace over the summer and think it's PERFECT for Valentine's Day! She wanted to wear it at her dance class today.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Valentine Heart Applique T-Shirt Tutorial

Remember I said I was thinking about making Mia a Valentine shirt to go with her skirt? Well I finished it tonight! I bought a red t-shirt at Walmart (I think it was around $3.50) and cut out three hearts. 1 Large white, 1 Medium pink, and 1 small red heart. Next I hand embroidered little x's around the edges of the red heart onto the pink one. I thought it would be cute to give each heart a different stitch design, so on the pink heart I did a whip stitch and on the white one just a regular straight stitch along the edges. I think it's easier to embroider the hearts to each other first-THEN embroider the largest heart to the T-shirt. All you need for this cute little Valentine Shirt is a scrap of white, pink, and red felt, pink embroidery floss, an embroidery needle, and a t-shirt. So easy and so cute!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Braided Bracelet with Zipper Rosette

I got the idea to make this bracelet here and here I decided to combine the two. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned. I plan to make some more of the braided fabric ones to go with my rosette headband. I need some new accessories, so it should be fun! With this bracelet, I braided sheer black fabric. If I do another of these, I may try using 6 strips of fabric instead of three to make it thicker.

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