Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Embellished Onesie Tutorial

I had some left over fabric from Mia's Halloween skirt and decided to embellish a onesie for Hayden. I cut out a witch hat and a witch shoe, ironed on some heat and bond to secure it to the front of the onesie, thenwith my sewing machine I stiched around the edges.
I also attached purple and orange swarovski crystals along the neckline. I think the bum is my favorite part! I cut out a strip of the fabric I used on Mia's skirt, serged along edges and gathered it to make a ruffle. I also gathered a strip of tulle so there are two ruffles on the bum :)

I found these cute Halloween striped baby legs in the dollar section at Target. Normally I'd make them myself, but you can't even buy the socks to make them for that cheap! Sorry this isn't a more detailed tutorial, I didn't think about doing one until I started posting.


Ronna said...

So beautiful! I love her. Cute onesie. I like the bum the best too.

Mama Pea said...

So, so cute. I love the bum, too!

karen said...

Looks like Hayday is feeling better! That's a cute onesie and she is a cute little model!