Monday, July 30, 2012

Cute, Affordable Storage for Your Accessories!

 I have people ask me all the time how I store all of the accessories we've accumulated and I finally found my favorite way to store them! Its cute AND affordable :) YAY! I found these cute tin buckets in the dollar section at target. I think they were $2.50 each. I used one to store my girls' necklaces...
 And one to store all of their headbands that are on stretchy elastic or lace. I like to store the hard headbands in a vase.  I haven't gotten around to finding a really cute vase, but this one will do for now :)
I used to solely hang all the necklaces I make, but I actually think this way of storing will put less pressure on the wire. Don't get me wrong, I still have SEVERAL that are still hanging in their room, but wanted to share this cute and affordable way with you! :) PS. The cute hanging paper lanterns I got 50% off at Joanne's! They are made by Martha Stewart and I just love them. I have them hanging from both corners of the room. Since my girls share a room its a cute way to decorate each side :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My 1st Diaper Cake!

This evening I'm going to a friend's baby shower, and my assignment was to bring the diaper cake. I've never made one, but they are super easy to make! Of course there are several ways and styles to make them, but I decided to go with more of a classy look. I didn't want a stuffed animal at the top with a bunch of items dangling from it because it just reminds me too much of something you'd win at a carnival. My friend LOVES polka dots and the colors of the shower are aqua blue and light lime green. I was hoping to find green paper shred, but no luck :( Since she's having a boy I still think the brown gives it a cute touch!  I used newborn size diapers and bought the big Costco size box. I've seen tutorials where they use a large container of baby powder to use in the center of the diapers, but I just used a water bottle from home and it worked great :) I wrapped each diaper with a rubber band and then used a large rubber band around all them them to secure them to the water bottle. Easy peasy!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Bad Blogger

I'm sorry, I've been such a bad blogger! Before facebook I blogged religiously and I have to say I DO MISS it!  I really want to be better about updating my blog and making time for myself to craft again and post sewing projects and tutorials.  I'm not even sure if any of my blog readers are out there anymore. Hello??? Is anyone still out there? Would love to hear from you again. I miss hearing from you! Its my fault I don't hear from you anymore! ;-)  You CAN however, still find me on facebook for regular posts and updates.  I've been designing necklaces like crazy and thought I'd share a few with you since its been awhile!  I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing designers. Snazzie Drawers designed Mia's birthday headband for her pink lemonade party and Abby&Tabby designed her dress :) Swanky Baby Vintage just released their fall collection "Prep School" and I was asked to design a couple of pieces to match so they could use them in their photos! LOVE their clothes, so it was such an honor to work with them.  Right now I'm just trying to enjoy the summer with my girls and do most of my designing at night. Fall is just around the corner, so I'll be coming up with some new fall designs soon.  That's about all for now :) Hopefully you'll hear from me again soon!

This was my Limited Edition Under the Sea Collection for summer. It went fast!
I love this vintage bicycle pendant and the overall feel of this necklace!
One of the necklaces I designed for Swanky Baby Vintage :)