Saturday, November 1, 2008

Glam Baby Headbands

This bright pink flower with swarovski crystals in the center has been a huge hit! It can be clipped into the hair, or on a headband like this one. All headbands are made of soft nylon. All you need is one headband, then you can mix and match several flower clips or bows.
This coral rose is one of my personal favorites. I look for outfits this color just so Mia can wear it. I love it on a headband too. Please note that any of MiaMoo clips can be attatched to a headband as well. Headbands come with one clip. Additional clips sold seperately. Please contact me with any questions.

1 comment:

Hoagland Family said...


Hey you!!

I wanted to buy one of your cute bows and I wanted to see how to do it?

I love them all and thought I would let you be inspired to pick out a clip and headband for Maddie:)

Email me with details!!