Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sparkly Toes

So this has been my latest project--Sparkly flip flops for my Mia's birthday outfit next month. I'm sorry I haven't updated with anything new in awhile! I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and was feeling pretty lousy. Now that I'm past that horrible stage, I hope to update with some more items. In July I will be making a trip back to the States where I plan to stock up on new flowers and more swarovski crystals. Can't wait for that! For sure expect new posts in July :) Until then, I'll try to work on some new things to post. As far as these flip flops go, I would be happy to make them special order (as long as I can find the flip flops in the right size), otherwise, if you live in Puerto Rico and you want to bring me your flip flops I will make them for you.


Amber said...

So sweet! The brown and the pink look adorable together.

Ronna said...

I love the sparkly flip flops. So cute. I want some for me!