Saturday, November 20, 2010

Joy/Boo Sign

You've got to love two in one decorations :) Last night I went with my sister inlaw to a craft night at our church and made this cute double sided sign for Christmas and Halloween.  I still  need to adjust the ribbons sand the edges, but wanted to take a quick pic.  I made something else too, but I'll have to post it later since it's  not done yet. Time flew last night I didn't have time to finish this sign or my other craft.  My grandparents are in town and were kind enough to watch both my girls all night.  It was a much needed night out for me!  Since we just moved back to the States, I have NO decorations, so this is a nice way to start out, don't you think?


karen said...

Those are really cute! Very clever idea. I'm glad you were able to go.

Mama Pea said...

Very cute and an excellent way to start out! Hmmm....if I need to get rid of some of my decorations (trying to reduce the amount of stuff we have here), I know who to ask first! :-) Glad you got to have a much needed night out with the girls!

Ronna said...

Absolutely love this craft. You did a great job. so so cute!