Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School Fall Fashion

I had so much fun putting this look together for Fall. Mia's sense of style has changed a lot. She isn't so much into dresses anymore and wants to wear outfits that will be comfortable to play and run around in at recess. LOVE. THIS. LOOK. It is comfortable, realistic, age appropriate, AND stylish! Let me tell you about it:
Necklace: $24 Fabric Covered Necklace-MiaMoo Designs
Tank: Misha Lulu can be purchased from Koko Blush & CO
Super Skinny Jeans: Gap Outlet (but Gap has them too)
Shoes: TOMS
Trucker Hat: Mini & Maximus
This is the outfit Mia wants to wear on her first day! I will be putting together some new looks for fall soon :)


Sue said...

You are so good at this! And it doesn't hurt that you have the cutest daughters ever.


Katie said...

Thanks Sue!!