Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Themed Family Movie Night

 One of our family's favorite traditions is our Friday Family movie nights! Usually around the holidays I like to make the treats and decor themed around whichever holiday it is. Easter is definitely a favorite! SO many fun treats you can make!
 This dessert is so cute AND easy! I bought these little planter pots at the craft store and made chocolate cupcakes to go inside, then topped them with crushed Oreo Cookies. YUM! For the carrots, I used large marshmallows dipped in orange chocolate melts. To make the little stems on top, I used edible grass (I got mine at Target). Just poke a hole on top and stick the strands of grass inside.
 How cute are these cupcakes?! Again they are super easy but really make a fun statement at any Easter party. I just kept it easy with a white cupcake mix and frosted them with vanilla frosting-however you can use lime frosting to blend better with the edible grass. Once you frost your cupcakes with a knife, cut your edible grass so you have small strands resembling grass. To make things easier I put the grass on a bowl and hand dipped each cupcake which make it less messy and the grass stuck to the cupcakes better. Lastly I topped them with 3 chocolate mini eggs. Peeps would be cute too!
Hop is our favorite Easter movie! The key to these movie nights is to have fun, snuggle, and enjoy time together as a family! Enjoy!

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