Saturday, July 10, 2010

Girl Scout T-Shirt Dress

This morning I made Mia a new play dress. She LOVES the ones I've made her so far, partly because they're so soft and comfy, and partly because she loves the graphics on them. I tried something new with this one. Instead of using three shirts, I actually cut off the bottom of one of her dresses that is too small to use for the skirt part of the dress. I especially love the ruffles, and love that they were already there even more! Less work for me-BONUS!

This one fits a little looser and longer so she'll have room to grow. The sundresses I make for her are still my favorite, but on days when we need to throw something on quickly to take Daddy to school, for quiet time, and playtime, these t-shirt dresses are the BEST! I made my first apron dress last night that turned out DARLING, but still need to get some pictures of Mia wearing it so I can post about it. I think I'll set a day aside to take her 4 year portraits in it. Stay tuned!


Sue said...

Pretty cute dress! And I love the recycling angle, too.


karen said...

What a cute dress! I love these cozy, easy to wear styles. Lucky Mia!