Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Fun Trade and New Necklace Design Coming Soon!

Don't ya just LOVE this cute headband?  I did a trade with Cozette Couture :)  I haven't had much time lately to make hair accessories for my girls and just love hers so our trade worked out great!  If you also love the necklace, I will have them available soon!  I've had some more requests for coordinating MJ necklaces. Some of you ladies have two girls that share everything, and are not wanting to buy two of the same necklace, so I came up with this necklace to coordinate :)  I've got to get through the backorders first!  Just a reminder that I'll be moving back East next month and will have to box up all my beads in just a couple of weeks, so get your orders in now before I have to close up shop for a little while!

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Sue said...

Wow. Next month, huh? What an adventure!