Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lollipops Collection Sneak Peek

Divian Conner one of my wonderful photographers just emailed me a sneak peek of her latest photo shoot featuring one of my necklaces from my Lollipops Collection and it's got me smiling! I CANNOT wait to see the rest :)  More to come as soon as I get them!  Of course this FAB hat was designed and created by La Couture Amore. She's designing me a few more hats to use in my photo shoots with Mia!  I'm more than little excited to say the least! Really looking forward to having a few photo shoots with MY girls wearing this Collection along with my Circus Collection. Stay tuned...

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Leticia said...

Can I see a picture of the circus collection...also how do we order from that circus line and lollipop line? THANKS!!!
I am sarah hull's friend :)