Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So Happy To Team Up with Divian Conner and La Couture Amore!

WOW! What a whirlwind it's been lately! We made it to the East Coast, LOL, WITHOUT our stuff, but we're settling in :) The moving company is predicting next Wednesday they'll finally deliver everything.  Luckily Miss Mia thinks the empty front room is her ballet studio and doesn't seem to mind that none of our stuff is here.  The good news I have to share is that I've teamed up with some AMAZINGLY  TALENTED women!  Divian Conner took these beautiful photos of her gorgeous daughter modeling my 4th of July necklace.  She is working on two more photo shoots that will feature one of my necklaces from my Lollipops Collection coming soon!  The SHOW STOPPING hat Miss Cady is wearing was made by Stephanie Jones from La Couture Amore!  This woman continues to reinvent herself through each of her designs and has been such a PLEASURE to work with! If any of you photographers or moms out there are looking for some whimsical, creative hair candy you'll have to contact Miss Stephanie because she can design ANYTHING :)


A said...

Katie, you are seriously FAN-TAB-U-LOUS!!! Please don't forget me when you are making jewelry for the stars! :)


Sue said...

Hope you get settled in soon, furniture and all!


PS. Dramatic hair flair!

McCurdy Family said...

Love love love- awesome pics and perfect hair accessories!!

missy said...

Do you sell the fourth of July necklace?

Katie said...

Hi Missy! YES :) I have them in my shop. Some of the beads may differ since I'm running out, but will basically be the same. Go to