Saturday, August 18, 2012

Chair Redo

 In June I found this wood chair at a thrift store for $7 and wanted to paint it yellow to use at Mia's Pink Lemonade birthday party and for her birthday pics. It was the first time I had ever spray painted anything and let me tell you it was a nightmare! LOL...So many people told me I didn't need to sand it or prime it first (bad advice for this particular chair!). Without sanding it the paint just didn't want to stick in different places and it took 4 cans of spray paint since I didn't prime it. In pictures it looked ADORABLE, so that was all that really mattered, but every day I looked at it in person it just bothered me that I did a sloppy job, so I decided to repaint it, only dark pink this time to match the girls' room :) I also want to use it as a photo prop, but at least it will be cute in their room when I'm not using it for pics.
 Look how cute the yellow looked for Mia's birthday pics! I'm a little sad I don't have a yellow chair anymore, but figure I can paint a new yellow chair next summer :)
 Anyway, the other day I decided to use an electric sander to really sand it down to get it ready to be repainted.
I went to Home Depot and picked out the shade of pink I wanted and bought it with the primer in it to save me a step! :) I wish the lighting was better, I took this at night in my kitchen with the flash. I'll post pics after I use it in a photo shoot. This is just one coat so today I'm going to touch up the areas that need a little more paint, but so far I'm really happy with it. My two year old came into the kitchen last night while I was painting and kept saying, "Pink chair? Wooks bootiful. Pink is pwetty!"  It was so cute to hear her call it beautiful. This is her favorite color :) I'm excited for it to be completely finished but wanted to show you a sneak peek for now!


Sue said...

I loved that yellow chair! But the pink is cute, too. (I do think you should make another one and keep it yellow...)


karen said...

Looks like you did a nice job on the chair!

Unknown said...

I love how your chair turned out!! So cute

Janet Burman said...

I recently came across a pic of yours on pinterest for weddings. It is a little girls ivory/champagne lace dress with gold shoes and a gold necklace. Where can I find the entire ensemble? That's exactly the style I'm looking for my flower girl!

Alysha said...

What kind of lens do you use? The pictures are amazing!

Alysha said...

What kind of lens do you use? The pictures turned out amazing!