Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to you all! I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve. I wanted to share some fun crafts I've done with Mia to help decorate our Christmas tree.
I went to WalMart and found little wood trains, planes, helicopters, etc. Mia wanted them in the worst way so I bought them thinking it would be fun to have her paint them. She LOVES to paint! The problem is that paint makes messes, so I found these acrylic paint markers at WalMart. Have any of you tried them? They were perfect for her and for this project.
This kept her busy for quite some time-*Bonus*

When she was done painting she looked at me and said, "Hmmm...Somethings missing." She wanted to hang it on our tree so I added some embroidery floss so she could. Doesn't it look cute?
This next ornament I found on Juicy Bits. I love what she did! It was too advanced for kids, so I improvised to make it more kid friendly. Instead of embroidering the felt to hold it together, I had Mia use glue. The glue didn't work very well, so I used a hot glue gun when she wasn't looking ;-)
I think Mia's little ornament turned out so cute hanging on our tree! I love the extra touch of gold glitter she used.
I decided to make an owl too using the pattern from Juicy Bits

Instead of an owl ornament, I made an applique to make Mia a t-shirt. I LOVE the way it turned out! Appliques are my new favorite thing. My goal this next year to use this blog not only to post the hair accessories I make and sell, but to post sewing and crafts projects, links to other fun projects, and possibly some tutorials. I would love to hear from you all and get your feedback. Again, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Angie Neil said...

I LOVE her little owl shirt!! It's so cute!! But not nearly as cute as Mia!!