Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some Handmade Christmas Goodies

Mia LOVED the apron and felt tea party food I made her! I got the idea to make the pop tarts and pasta from treasures for tots. I found cookie ideas on etsy. Can't remember the exact shops because I just did a general search for ideas. Felt food is so fun and easy to make and your little ones will love it too :)
I also made these yummy cupcake goodies for my little sweetie. 

 I made this applique top to go with it. Cute huh? So fast and easy. I glued a couple of swarovski crystals on the cupcake to give it just the right touch!
Lastly, this necklace is a gift my mom got me this year. I LOVE this necklace :) I know she ordered from a shop on etsy, but she couldn't remember which. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!


Angie Neil said...

Your felt food looks AWESOME!!

Thank you very much for linking to my site - AGAIN!! LOL!!

I think it's so cool you try all the stuff on my blog!!

Angie Neil said...

Okay - I LOVE that cupcake necklace!! Adorable!

karen said...

The shop I found the necklace at was called Vintage Pearl. She makes some beautiful personalized jewelry!

Angie Neil said...

I could've sworn I was already a follower - but there is no mistake about it now - I'm your newest stalker!!

prRiggs said...

I love all your cute projects. Love the gift from your mom too--I was looking for something just like that so Jonathan could give it to me, but 4 different charms was a little overload.

Buying MJ Everyday said...

Katie you are amazing!