Friday, October 29, 2010

Cute Clutch!

I just made this cute little cluth purse using the pattern from Keyka Lou. I think they will make great Christmas gifts for all ages.  I plan to make one for Mia using some left over mermaid fabric by Michael Miller.  When she saw this clutch this morning she asked me if it was hers, hahha.  This sweet little clutch is perfect for quick errands, or taking to the gym to fit your necessities in.  I also like to throw it in my diaper bag to hold my lip gloss, keys, cell phone, and check book. This one is ready to be shipped out for anyone interested! The dimensions are 8.5 " x  4.5".


Sue said...

Those are really cute. I like how it fastens.


PS. Come check out my new Halloween story-poem. It's downright creepy!

A Halloween Tale of Terror

karen said...

I think I recognize that button! What are the dimensions of the purse? It's really cute.

Ronna said...

Love the fabric. Like the pattern too. Nice work. I like it.

Mama Pea said...

I really like it! That sounds like Elsa. As soon as I finish something she says, "Is that for me?!" When I surprise her and say, "Yep," she really gets excited. Where did you get the pattern? I didn't see a link.

An unrelated question...where to you get the tags you sew on things? Thanks for your tips!

karen said...

I would like some. I'll see you next week and we can talk fabric. I know for sure I'd like 3 of them. If you have some fabric like the sample it would be good but it would be good to have some different too. Let me know what you have.