Monday, January 4, 2010

Sweet Headband for Valentine's Day

Pink and white flower headband with pink and iridescent swarovski crystals in the center and pink tulle on each side of the flower. I think this is will be so sweet for Valentine's Day! I just love headbands with Mia's hair pulled up to hold back all her fly aways. If you'd like one for your little sweetie, order soon, they are $15-Valentine's Day is just around the corner. *Note* If you'd like all pink crystals in the center, or something different, let me know in the comment section at the bottom of this post. Leave me your email address in the comment section so we can discuss your design :) Also, to view another angle of this headband, look at the post below, Mia is wearing it while drawing the winner of the applique giveaway.



Emily said...

Wow! Way cute stuff going on! I am really looking forward to when Josie's hair is longer and I can do more with it. I was too slow for the giveaway. Bummer. Maybe next time!

Sue said...

Very cute! And looks even cuter on MIa!


karen said...

I love that headband. Maybe you will make me a couple that I can give as gifts? We'll talk when I get there.

Angie Neil said...

LOVE it!! Why have you shared on Thursday's Treasures yet?!! You gotta show this one off!