Friday, May 7, 2010

Felt Food

Here are just a few examples of some of the felt food I've recently made. I'm having a hard time for some reason uploading the other pictures, so these will have to do for now. I love the way these chocolate chip cookies turned out. They're so much cuter than the very first ones I made Mia for Christmas. I'm a big fan of stuffing them so they look more plump. I decided to make my chocolate chips round this time and hand embroider each one on instead of using a glue gun.
I LOVE the frosted donuts. They look good enough to eat! All the hand beading takes forever, but the final product is well worth it. I got the pattern from Skip to My Lou. I wish I could remember her link. It could be a dot com but I can't remember. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! I hope to get busy on a few things this weekend so I have some new things to post. I lost my watermark brush when my computer crashed so this one is temporary.


karen said...

Mmmmm... frosted donuts. I love the packaging!

jen said...

So cute! Wish I had time for these things.
And BTW--LOVE the headband and flower I got from winning on your mom's blog. My 10-year-old fights me for it (my baby wears it a lot). Sometimes it looks red, sometimes pink.

Sue said...

The chocolate chippers are cute, but the frosted donuts are unbelievable! I bet somebody would buy THOSE at the craft show! (I was amazed that people passed on the felt food the last time.) It's all SO warm and fuzzy-looking. And I think kids would love it much more than cold, hard plastic.


alissa said...

oh my gosh - these are adorable!!! Love those cookies!

Ronna said...

So Cute, Lexi would love the felt food. Love the packaging too. How much do you charge for the cookies?

Ronna said...


Katie said...

LOL, sorry Ronna, I forgot to get back to you, hahaa! I charge $15 for the bag of cookies.