Friday, May 14, 2010

Orange Blossom Clip/Headband

I made this clip/headband last night and love the way it turned out! I was inspired by this photo shoot and all the DARLING hair accessories that Kate uses in her photos. Its funny because I looked up felt flowers on etsy and found some like these and actually went the extra step to order a few. I haven't even gotten them yet, but I already figured out how to do it myself so now I'm irritated that I spent the money, LOL. Oh well! I love that it works for both my girls too.


Sue said...

Looks great with Mia's new dress!


Davis Family said...

Alright Katie!! I want one of these! They are SUPER cute!! How big are they and what is your cost? Do you do different colors? Thanks! :)Amber

Katie said...

They are about 4 inches and are $10 for the clip and $15 for the headband.