Sunday, May 2, 2010

I hope I haven't lost all my readers!

I hate computer problems! I apologize for not posting anything new. I just ordered photoshop and hope it comes in the next few days. I can't put my watermark on anything without it. I feel out of touch with you all, and I'm sorry. I have big plans this summer for new projects. I have a few friends to have crafting/sewing days with, so as soon as I get my photoshop installed, I'll be posting some new things. In the mean time I will post some pictures from a photo shoot I had last week to give you SOME visual stimulation ;-) These too boys were so cute! To view more click here.

Oh, one more thing, I finally got my button on the sidebar working, so don't forget to grab one :) Hope to post some fun things this next week so keep checking back!

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Sue said...

I'll keep checking. Never fear!