Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mia's Mermaid Birthday Party

Here is a view of the table. We had the party at 10am, so we just served some kid friendly snacks. On the menu: Cupcakes, Gold Fish, Swedish Fish, Gummy Sharks, watermelon, and grapes. I cheated on the cupcakes and ended up buying them at Costco. I think I mentioned in my last post that the frosting melted when I practiced, so I thought I would make my life easier and just buy them. I'm really happy with the way they turned out with the cupcake toppers. Luckily my scallop hole punch came in the mail so I could make them...remember, they got lost in the mail so I had to print it all myself and cut them out.)

I found the CUTEST gummy fish kabobs at Toy's R Us. They looked really cute on the table and made darling party favors. The Mermaid Magic Wands also added just the right touch to the table and were given out at the end of the party for each girl to take home. I forgot to take pictures of the Ariel notepads and crayons, but I gave those out as party favors as well.
Lets not forget about the blue Gatorade! Today was such a hot day so it was it matched great with the table and mermaid theme. When each girl walked into the party, Mia gave them each a lei to wear. Mia requested that hers be purple.
Here are the kiddos lined up at the table piling up their plates.
Mia and her cute friend Kaely. They have been friends since we moved here three years ago. Kaely's mom and I have been BFFs since we first met too :) I can't believe how much these two have grown up!
Here I am with MY friends, and moms of Mia's friends. Amber (from Strawberry Owl Designs) is the tall blond bombshell on the left, then there is Yours Truly, then Amy (my other sewing buddy), and Jeanette. Just a side note, we went straight to the pool after presents ( I usually wouldn't wear this to a birthday party, LOL!).
The girls played Pin the Crown on Ariel. Mia cheated! She gave us a REAL good clue when she turned the crown right side up and pinned it perfectly on Ariel's head, ahhaa! I forgot to take a picture of the prizes, but I made purple felt flowers. I didn't have it in me to make 6 of them last night, so I figured I'd give them as prizes instead of party favors. Call me lazy!
Not the most real smile-I think she was actually saying, "Cheeese..."
Mia got some REALLY great gifts-two of which were hand crafted by Amber and Amy. I will be taking pictures later and will post them. Lets just say that Amber got Mia a doll and handmade a sundress that matches one of the ones I made Mia, and also made Mia a cupcake necklace (and yes, she molded the cupcake herself out of clay!). Mia already named her new doll Lucy. Amy made her the CUTEST tunic top, very similar to the one her daughter Kaely is wearing in the pictures above. More pictures to come! Thanks ladies for the thoughtful gifts and for bringing your girls to Mia's party. Overall it was a success :)


CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Adorable. I love the gummi fish kabobs. And I never cease to be stunned by Mia's beauty. It looks like everyone had fun.

Sue said...

That looks like possibly the best party ever. How do you make everything look so magical?

And every person there, young and old, is beautiful! What's up with that?!


Amber said...

What a fun party! My girls had a ball and I absolutley loved how everything turned out. You rock!:) Oh, and thanks for the sweet comments, you made my day!

karen said...

I suddenly realized that I never commented. Such a good party and so creative. I loved all the cute little favors you found. And Sue - the secret to all of the dewy beauty is the extreme HUMIDITY. Feels like a sauna all the time but so good for the skin!

Mama Pea said...

Very cute. You are so creative! I never have the energy to be this creative for birthday parties. I don't know what my problem is, because it always sounds so fun to do!

Kirk + Chelsea said...

Cute cute cute cute cute!! I can't believe Mia is 4! I remember when you told me you were pregnant with her. And then I remember going to the beach when you were ready to pop and thinking, wow, pregnancy is so weird! Look at me now!:)

The Reed Family said...

i'm sad we missed her birthday! looks like it was really fun! hmm...melted frosting, I know what that means. It's hot and miserable...can't wait to get back to that! see you soon :)