Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Perfect Summer Birthday Party Gift

As some of you may know, I teach swim lessons. A few of the little tadpoles I teach are Mia's friends who happen to have birthdays this month. What better gift in the summer than a hoodie towl? Normally I line the fabric with ribbon, but as I started, I realized I didn't have enough (how annoying!) so I improvised and actually like the way it looks without the ribbon too. I DID have enough to line the hoodie with ribbon :) Mia's birthday party is next weekend and my original thought for party favors was to make each of her guests a hoodie towel using the mermaid fabric by Michael Miller, but as the time gets closer I'm finding I don't have enough time, and shouldn't make myself crazy over it-SO I've decided to make them as birthday gifts instead. Since Mia's birthday is coming up she'll get one as a gift too. As for party favors, I found some cute mermaid themed things on Etsy. I will be doing a birthday post with all the party details later :) This is my first year throwing her a birthday party all by myself so I'm really excited. Usually we're home visiting my mom in the summer during her birthday, so the party is mostly family and my friends. This year Mia told me exactly who she wants to come to her party and told me she wants it to be a mermaid party, so I'm getting really excited for next weekend!
*My friend Amber from Strawberry Owl Designs gave me her pattern for the hood on my towel :) * I love how big and roomy the hood is!


pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Hooray for Mermaid parties!! We had a mermaids and pirates party for my youngest daughter this year and it was a huge hit with her and all of our little guests!!
Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve : )

Sue said...

Mermaid party, huh? Pretty neat! (So are the hooded towels. All my grandkids love 'em...)


Ronna said...

I love hooded towels! Cute idea for summer birthday gifts. Wish we could come to the mermaid b-day party.

karen said...

Your hoodie towles are so cute! I sure wish I could come to the party - it sounds like it will be so much fun!
Sarah loved the diaper caddy and burp cloth set. Everyone passed them around and was very impressed that you'd made them. The fabric is so beautiful, and I know that Sarah loved the fact that you'd made it for her. It was a nice shower and she got a lot of nice things. They played that game where you melt the candy bars in the diapers and you try to guess what kind of candy bar. Grandma had never seen that game. You should have seen her face when everyone was sniffing the diapers!