Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Party Planning

Party Favors: Aren't They Cute?!

I can't even tell you how excited I am that I found these! In case you're wondering, they are mermaid starfish wands made out of glycerin soap. Each one has a fruity scent that smells good enough to eat! The tags say, "Mermaid Magic" on the top and "Thanks for Celebrating with Me" on the bottom. I ordered them from brown bag bath bars on etsy. I just LOVED working with her. Can't say enough good things about her customer service, her shop, AND her DARLING soaps. I would order from her again in a heart beat for any occasion. Each wand was only 99 cents plus an extra 10 cents for the personalized tag. There was a bit of confusion with the shipping, for some reason even though I clicked on my new address when paying with paypal, they still got sent to my old address. Because of the mix up she offered to refund my shipping. I'm telling you, this girl is an angel to work with. Please click on the link above and visit her cute shop.
Now for my other item of business- the invitation I ordered. This is my first time ordering specialized invitations. I also ordered cupcake toppers (which I will post later once I actually have them on the cupcakes).
I have mixed emotions about my experience with this particular shop, so I won't mention where I ordered them until I figure things out. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the design, LOVE the materials she uses, unfortunately my package got lost in the mail, they too got sent to my old address, only my old landlord never received the package or slip either...I was SO excited about getting these invitations and was especially excited for the already assembled cupcake toppers! She was really fast at getting a proof sent to me, and shipped my order out within 3 days of my order. All positives so far, right? One more positive, she was quick to respond and kept quick communication. Now for what I'm struggling with. I still haven't received my package! I've called the post office and it hasn't been scanned since June 1 here in Puerto Rico, they said it is probably lost. Unfortunately, this etsy seller doesn't reimburse for lost packages. Apparantely it states that in her store policy, but I failed to read it. She does however email you the pdf file. Great right? Well, not really if you don't have all the nice textured color card stock she uses, and the fancy hole punches to make it all look so cute, or the inkjet printer. The cupcake toppers printed out on my printer fine, but the invitations turned out TERRIBLE! They turned out really faded and stripey. Mia's party is Saturday and I haven't sent out her invites yet. BUMMER! Yesterday was the day I freaked out about it all-I mean, it REALLY ruined my day, but today I decided to get over it and try something else....COSTCO :) I got them printed on matte finish photo paper and they turned out darling. Not as cute as they would have been, not as cute as what I paid for, but still cute. I guess it just really urks me to have paid $20 for something I didn't receive, then have to spend more money to make something work. She didn't reimburse me for shipping either. She simply told me that it wasn't her fault and that she did all she could to help me. I understand it wasn't her fault it got lost in the mail. I understand she sent me the pdf file, but I'm still upset. Unfortunately she didn't go the extra mile like brown bag bath bars and at least reimburse me for shipping. She said in her 2 years selling on etsy, this has never happened to her. Well, in my two years buying from etsy it's never happened to me either. Now what is really confusing me is that when I go to my orders on My Etsy, its not even showing up...Does that mean she reimbursed me without telling me? I mean, my order is GONE. No trace of it on My Etsy, no place for me to leave feedback on my order either....HMMM-what do you think happened? It showed up on my credit card statement, so I know I paid. Sorry for venting folks! I just wanted everything to go perfectly. I tried practicing my icing skills today and guess what happened? Within thirty seconds of me making a swirl, the frosting melted! It's that HOT here. Can you believe it? Just let go Katie-LET GO, hahaha! I have to keep reminding myself that this is a party for a 4 year old, and she won't know the difference. I'll post pictures this weekend of how Mia's Mermaid Party turns out. I made a checklist today and still have so much to do. Wish me luck!


pink and green mama MaryLea said... know the mermaid and pirate cup cake papers and toppers I ordered for C's party this February did the same thing -- lost in the mail for 3.5 weeks! They finally arrived the day AFTER her party - nice.

They were going to be used for both the cupcakes AND the invitations. Oh well, I improvised both and she was none the wiser. But now every time I see those two boxes of cupcake toppers I growl.

I thought of you when I was at Michaels yesterday. Ours has cute wooden mermaids for a dollar that come with three little markers to color as a craft. I thought if you put out an assortment of sharpies, and or watercolor plus some cool glitter glue or glitter dust you could make cute mermaids as a cheap and fun craft with the girls. You may already have it all done but I just wanted to drop that little tip in your lap in case you're looking for an ice breaker craft as kids arrive.

Can't wait to see what you've done, the starfish soap wands are darling!!

pink and green mama

Kirk + Chelsea said...

Once again, too cute! I don't know how you come up with all these darling things! can't wait to see you!!

Sue said...

Hmmmm...a bit suspicious about the order disappearing. But you are so resourceful about making things work! And the party favors are to die for.


PS. Have a GREAT party!!

karen said...

I just know that her party will be lots of fun! The invites and the lost order? Small stuff in the big picture. She'll remember all the fun little touches like the mermaid wands, and she'll remember you gave her the most fun afternoon ever with all of her friends. Happy Birthday, Mia! I'm so sad I won't be there...