Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chunky Beaded Necklaces for Toddlers & Little Girls

As you can tell, I've been on a jewelry making kick!  Who doesn't love a fun chunky beaded necklace on a cute little girl?  Mia has been wearing these since she was 2 years old and always gets attention when she wears them.  I haven't seen anything like these on etsy or online when I googled, so I thought I would share them with you and let you know you can order them from me :)
I have to admit, its really hard not to keep them all for my girls after I'm done making them!  Mia wants to keep them all.  She especially likes the first one (so I'll probably make her one, lol).

These last two are the ones I made for Mia.  The cupcakes are handmade by me.  I sell these as well, but each one is one of a kind so I'll have to bake up a batch of cupcake beads and get to work so you too can have one of these beauties for your lil' cupcake!
This pink cupcake is a big honker! I love'em big :) If you don't want to buy the whole necklace, but would like to order a cupcake bead, I sell just the beads too!  They are $5 without crystal sprinkles and $8 with crystal sprinkles.  


karen said...

These are are really cute, Katie!

Stephanie Rose said...

These are great! Love the cupcake one! Maybe one day we'll have a little girl to buy necklaces for!

Robinson Family said...

Sooo adorable! Wish I could afford to buy/make some hehe.

AlliBee said...

hi, love the necklaces. was wondering what the strand is made of? will it withstand a typical 3 year old? thanks.

Brianna Yardley said...

Hi i found u on pinterest. Would u be able to make my daughter a necklace? Her bday party is feb 16. Is that too soon? I live in az

Please email me at