Thursday, January 6, 2011

Homemade Sugar Scrub for Your Hands

 Remember the amazing neighbor I made cookies for?  Well, she watched my girls for me yesterday and I wanted to make her a little something to say thank you.  I found this homemade sugar scrub over at .  It is soooo EASY, INEXPENSIVE, and CUTE for a thank you gift, Mother's Day gift, etc.  Literally, all it is, is sugar and Dawn soap. I used the Pomegranate Splash scent with Olay in it.  There are other homemade recipes for sugar scrub out there, but this one is the easiest and the least amount of ingredients.
I bought the mason jars at WalMart. It came with 4 jars and was about $3.75 I think. To make it complete, I tied a bow with ribbon and made a cute little label. Hope you enjoy this as much as me :) I made some for myself as well and I think I'm in love!


A Farmers Wife said...

Love this! And so easy! I am bookmarking to try sometime =)

Sue said...

What a cute idea. And a nice gift!


Kate @ The Gaines Gang said...

Love it in those cute little jelly jars!

Thanks again for the link back to me.

karen said...

Those jars are cute and it's a great little gift idea!