Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello Spring!

Today has been the most beautiful day. We spent the afternoon at the park and soaked up the sun and warm weather. It was so cold last week.  Here is another necklace that will be at the boutique :)  I also made Hayden this orchid clip.  You can order it as a clip or headband. Clip is $10, elastic headband is $12. The necklace is $25.


The Reed Family said...

i love it!! everything about this picture i love! the clip the dress, the necklace but especially my little hayden!

liberal sprinkles said...

omg your girl is so cute! i love the clip and especially the necklace!

Amber said...

What a sweet picture! I dream about taking cute pictures like this. Too bad I can never get my pictures to turn out this good.
I sent the tags today. let me know when you get them. Hopefully they will be there in a few days!