Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'll be back from vacation next week!

Since I won't be back until next week, I thought I would post this cute picture of one of my new designs that Katie from Peekaboo Photos just emailed me for your visual pleasure :) This necklace can be paired with so many different colors.  I love this outfit Katie picked out. Thanks Katie!  I have recieved SEVERAL emails regarding the MJ House of Clouds inspired necklace.  I have made a backorder list, and as soon as I get back into town on the 14th, I'll be making them, contacting those of you on the list (so check your emails) and will send pay pal invoices. As soon as I receive payment, I can start mailing them out. Those of you that paid before I left will be first on the list. Thanks! I will also be posting new designs in my shop when I get back as well so keep checking back! Thanks :) 


Sue said...

Super cute girl, sweater, AND necklace!


PS. Hope you're having a great time...

andrea said...

I hope you had a wonderful time! I still want all of the things I emailed you about right before you left...whatever you've got anyway. I LOVE the one you sent. Thank you so much!!! Andrea