Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've been busy!

Just wanted to prove to you all that I have been working on your orders and have started shipping off the MJ necklaces on backorder :)  I still have quite the list to work on, but if all goes well, I hope to get them mailed off next week-that way, I can start working on some new designs. Oh, and FYI, I'll be moving to the East Coast at the beginning of June and have to have my house packed up the 3rd week in may, so I'll have to close shop once I start packing and will open again as soon as the moving company delivers our stuff!  I will be designing MJ necklaces for the upcoming fall collection as well as Persnickety, so don't let my absence fool you!  I am in the process of buying new beads and new colors. I'm so excited! Keep checking back with me :)  Just a reminder, I'm flying to CA for my Nana's funeral Saturday-Monday. If you need anything just leave me a comment with your contact info. Thanks!


Sue said...


And I hope Monday is a sweet day for all of you.


Happy Mami said...

Ooh, maybe one is for me..uh, I mean for Isabella. :)
Hope the weekend is full of wonderful memory sharing.
Take good care.