Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vintage Necklace

I have been busy designing new necklaces since I can't get started on the MJ necklaces (still waiting on bead shipment).  I bought Mia this ivory tiered dress at Baby Gap and love the vintage feel of everything put together. I also had the new Persnickety Clothing for spring in mind as well. It goes great with their Easter clothes. I got most of these beads while I was in PR so I only have enough to make maybe two more so act fast!


karen said...

Very pretty - I like this look!

Ashley said...

I loved how adorable your sweet girls looked today! Missed you guys! We definitely need to hang out.

Sue said...

She could be a child model.

(In a way, she is, right?)


amber said...

How do I order one of these????/