Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope you all have enjoyed your Easter! Mia and I made these cupcakes yesterday and delivered them today to some friends of ours that go to medical school with my husband. These two cute girls have been great babysitters for us while being here in Puerto Rico over these past 3 years, and Mia has really grown fond of them both.
My morning started out with Mia whispering in my ear that the Easter Bunny had come to fill her basket, so I got up to check it all out with her. She LOVED the fairy necklace (thanks Angie) and all the other goodies in her basket. After we enjoyed some Easter goodies, I thought it would be a good time to talk to Mia about why we really celebrate Easter. I showed her the movie Lamb of God and explained to her what was going on. I was so surprised that she sat still the whole time and really seemed interested. She's my little tender heart and felt sad when she saw that Jesus died for us and to see how they treated him. She kept saying, "Poor Jesus!" I explained that Jesus was resurrected and that is what we celebrate on Easter. It was really special to talk to her about it.
I planned to dye Easter eggs with her today and have a little Easter egg hunt, but the day filled up too quickly. I did dye eggs with her during the week and will post pictures of those tomorrow when I upload them to my computer. I'm too tired tonight, LOL! I made a really nice dinner this evening that tasted so good (to me anyway!). I made a pork roast with home made mashed potatoes, squash, salad, and cranberries. I wish I had taken pictures for proof! Anyway, I hate to ramble on-Enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday!


karen said...

Your Easter sounded so nice! I wish I could have been at your dinner table, and seen Mia dig into her Easter treats! I miss you all and am glad you had a happy Easter.

Sue said...

Your dinner sounds yummy. Pork AND mashed potatoes. Two of my favorites.


Ronna said...

Your cupcakes look so cute and colorful and so yummy. Sounds like you had a nice Easter.