Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a Little Something I Whipped Up for Dinner

I have to admit, this salad tasted so good tonight!  I bought some scallops at Trader Joe's  a few weeks ago and have had them in my freezer. I decided to thaw them out and put them in a nice refreshing salad. I LOVE seafood!  After I took this picture I decided to add sliced almonds and pomegranate infused craisins.  Have you ever heard of those?  I just found them at Costco the other day and love them.  This salad is really easy and I love how lite it is.  I'm not really one of those kind of people that follows recipes very well. I'm more of a creative cook I guess you'd say. One that looks in the fridge and sees what there is to work with. I just throw in whatever looks good. Measurements? Forget about it! hahaa...OK, here is how I made this lovely salad:
frozen shrimp (thawed under running water)
mandarine oranges (canned)
sliced almonds
pomegranate infused craisins
romane lettuce

How to prepare it:
First I put a little Olive Oil in a frying pan and let it heat up. Next I dropped the scallops in the pan with some crushed garlic and let it cook a while.  I added salt and pepper as needed.  Once the shrimp were thawed, I added those to the pan as well.  After about 10 minutes or so, I added the asparagus. Once they turned a brighter green I drained out most of the water and juices from the scallops and shrimp.  I wanted to let it all caramelize a bit, so I let it cook until it all got lightly browned and kept stirring.  I then placed the cut up romaine lettuce in a large bowl and poured the scallops, shrimp and asparagus on top.  Next I added the oranges, almonds, and craisins.  Pour your dressing on and stir!

Now for the dressing:
2T Olive Oil
1T White Vinegar
1T Soy Sauce
1tsp. sugar


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karen said...

Mmmmmmmm... This looks delicious! Your style of cooking is Nana all the way! She'd be very proud of you.