Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Valentine Leg Warmers for Hayden

OK, so I couldn't resist! I was at Joann's yesterday and all their Valentine socks were 50% off so I had to make Hayden a new pair. The ones I made her last year are getting a little small ;-) Any excuse for cuteness right?  I have them layered up with tights.  I also made another pair for Mia. I'll post them once I get a picture of her wearing them.  I've got a few other Valentine projects I'm working on-I hope I finish!!! I can't believe Valentine's Day is already on Monday.  Do any of you have Valentine's Day plans?  Do you have any traditions with your kids?  I think I'm going to have Mia decorate heart shaped sugar cookies and take them to neighbors (and eat some of course!).  I should make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast, but I haven't been a morning person these days so we'll see...Would love to hear what your plans are


Sue said...

Those are such fun!


Mama Pea said...

Very cute. No real plans at my house. For some reason, Valentine's day has never been big for me. But my mom always had a little present for me on my breakfast plate on Valentine's day...a little necklace or bracelet or something. So, I'll continue that tradition. I have a little box of chocolates, heart socks, and fuzzy footie socks for my daughter. I'll put them in a bag and leave it on the breakfast table for her.

karen said...

Those are so cute! Your Valentine's plans all sound fun, but I have a question: When have you EVER been a morning person? ;-D

Amber said...

You've been keepin busy, like always, since I last looked at your blog:) The necklaces turned out cute! and I love that little dress. My sister-in-law just found out she's having a girl and I can't wait to make her a dress like that!
Brinlees b-day is on the 13 of Feb so we will be celebrating that this weekend. But we love to do a treasure hunt every year for Valentines Day. It's super fun to watch the girls try to find the next clue. Can't wait!